Survivors are suffering, but we can help.

Survivors are suffering, but we can help.

Dear Friends.  This is a trying time for all of us….but I keep learning
that not everyone is being dealt the same hand in this pandemic.

There are an increasing number of trafficking victims and survivors

who are facing trials that threaten their basic survival and freedom.


We need your help
to reach the increasing number of victims
and provide continued freedom and hope for survivors.

Alina’s story: 

“Alina” worked hard work to gain freedom by:
  1. escaping her trafficker in Las Vegas;
  2. fleeing from an abusive boyfriend here in WA; and
  3. gaining full-time employment so she can have custody of her son and provide for their family.

But she recently had her hours severely cut due to COVID, and she no longer has enough money to meet her basic needs and those of her son.

Although she has no desire to go back to the life of sexual exploitation, Alina’s immediate reaction was to post an ad to sell sex, so she could get a little money to help her and her son survive.

But this doesn’t have to be the next step for Alina. 


If we can step into that gap and provide funds for groceries, utilities and other basic needs, Alina will not have to sell her body to feed her child, and her son won’t have to go back into the system.


Will you be the one who meets Alina and her son’s basic needs,
(and those of hundreds of other survivors who are facing the same choice)?


Will you be the one to provide groceries this week, so they can eat
together as a family and not have to sell sex to make that possible?


Will you help cover utilities for Alina and her son so they can stay warm
and together as a family as the weather gets colder?


YOU can help Alina keep her hard-fought freedom.

YOU can help Alina’s son thrive by keeping he and his mom together
as she focuses on getting a new job to provide for them.

YOU can be the difference! 

Donate to SAFE today!

But survivors are not the only ones facing trials.

There are NEW victims being recruited EVERY DAY to feed the desires of sex buyers across the state.

Our partners have redoubled their efforts to find these victims, and get them out of the life quickly before their innocence is stolen again and again.

Will you help provide a lifeline to a victim who wants out
by keeping the hotlines open so she has a place to call 24/7?


Will you be the one to fund a sign in a public restroom,
that she will see and can call to get to safety and services?


Will you keep her innocence from getting stolen again and again
by paying to keep drop-in centers open so she has a place to go TODAY?

YOU can help a victim escape sexual exploitation.

YOU can be part of her freedom journey!

Donate to SAFE today!