Everyone wants a fresh start in 2024

Everyone wants a fresh start in 2024

Are you hoping for a fresh start in 2024?
Survivors of exploitation are too.
When a woman who is forced into prostitution
gets incarcerated
(often for a crime she is the victim of)
she serves her time
and then regains her freedom.
But freedom is fleeting if you don’t have safe people to return to.

Did you know that pimps and exploiters
prey on women who are in jail?

They offer them a place to live, a warm relationship, and to meet all of their needs.

Only to have things totally change
as soon as she gets out.

(She was better off “on the inside”.)

One of our SAFE partners works with exploited women
and offers them counseling and healing
while they are on the inside,
and safety and freedom when they are released.

I bet those women are grateful
for the fresh start
just like we are each new year.

Will you give today
to bring her hope on the inside
and REAL freedom on the outside?

Give her a safe, fresh start – she’s worth it!