Tears of Joy, Thank you, and join DWYL!

Tears of Joy, Thank you, and join DWYL!


for bringing freedom, dignity, and

tears of joy

to victims and survivors of trafficking in 2023.



Without your support, Daisy* would still be

being exploited and not have

the things she needs to start a new life.  


Read on for her story

(which we received from one of the SAFE front-line partners).  


We started connecting with Daisy* on our street outreach.  


After time, she was ready to make that big step to freedom.  We were there to help her get to safety, and to give her basic hygiene items, a cozy quilt, and clothing.  New clothing just for her.  


After we parted, I turned around to see tears in her eyes as she’s clenching a plastic bag with underwear inside.  She said “oh my gosh panties!  I haven’t been able to wear them in eight years!”


(NOTE: this is not the first time we have heard this.  Many victims are not allowed to have underwear as “it just gets in the way” of what she’s supposed to do.)


This little gift of a basic, practical thing was such a life-giving gesture. 

Thank you for restoring her dignity.


By giving to SAFE,

YOU made this difference in Daisy’s life

(and many more lives in 2023!)


Thank you for believing she is worth it!

*Not her real name

How will you continue to make a difference in 2024?


We hope it’s by

doing something you LOVE!  


Join us for the 7th annual:

Do What You Love to Fight What You Hate Campaign!

  • Hitting golf balls to perfect your swing?
  • Doing pushups or sit ups to get stronger?  
  • Knitting that sweater you’ve been wanting to tackle?
  • Walking/running a bunch of miles to get more fit?
  • Playing piano more often?


What do YOU love, that you could do for the month of February to fight what we all hate: sex trafficking.


Join us for this year’s

Do What You Love to Fight What You Hate



It’s as easy as these three steps:

1. Decide what you want to do for the month of February – something you love (running, knitting, hitting tennis/golf balls, playing piano, baking, etc.) and set a goal.


2. Set up a campaign page at: https://www.givesignup.org/DWYL2024 – it’s super easy!


3. Share your campaign with friends, family, work colleagues, etc. and ask them to fight sex trafficking alongside you by donating to your campaign.


Then go for it


– do something you love –


and know your efforts will


bring freedom and dignity to another human being!


What could be more meaningful in 2024 than that?

Join the DWYL Campaign
One last thing!

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month!


Would you share one of the stats below with someone you know to raise awareness about this horrific crime?  Then invite them to do a Do What You Love campaign with you! 🙂


Average age of entry into forced prostitution: ~14 years old


Number of men who purchase sex in 24 hours in Seattle: ~6,800


Percentage of victims controlled by a pimp at some point: 80-95%


Percentage of victims who report substance use: 84% (…we would too if we were forced to have sex with 10-15 men per day…)


Majority of victims: people of color.


Majority of buyers/exploiters: white.


Number of people it takes to make a difference and stop this heinous crime: ONE – you – aligned with a bunch of others who are willing to fight for our sisters and brothers who are being exploited.


Onward together!