SAFE Advisory Board

SAFE was started by a team of people who lose sleep at night because they know victims are being sexually exploited in our communities.
That small group grew into a fantastic Advisory Board, that provides counsel on the direction, funding, and grantmaking of SAFE.
We are grateful to everyone who helped SAFE come to life years ago, and to the current Advisory Board for giving their time, expertise, and resources to this effort.

Alex Slusser – Bellevue Police Department
Amanda Hightower – Impact Rising & Founder of REST
Benjamin Gauen – Schroeter, Goldmark & Bender law firm
Craig Chapman – Philanthropist
Heather Tuininga – 10|10 Strategies
Jeri Moomaw – Innovations Human Trafficking/Survivor Leader
Julaine Smith – Ametra Advisors

Kirsten Foot – Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking (BEST)
Marc Nance – Philanthropist
Mary Williams – Survivor Leader
Roger Blier – Passport Unlimited
Steve Esau – Passport Unlimited
Tricia MacFarlan – Mirror Ministries
Tom Perez – EPIK Project

SAFE Chief Servant Officer (Director)

Heather Tuininga brings 25 years experience in rigorously analyzing funding requests and 20 years experience around the issues of human trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation to the table as our Director of SAFE.  We are grateful for her analytical mind and broad knowledge of the issue, as well as her ability to coordinate this effort from its inception and going forward.  Heather would tell you she is serving the Alliance, not “directing” it, but regardless of nomenclature, we’re glad to have her on-board.

Alliance Partners

Many great people and organizations have partnered with SAFE and the list is growing daily.  We know the criminal network behind sexual exploitation is vast, diverse, and well-organized, and we must be the same if we are going to fight it.  We applaud each of the following SAFE partners for stepping into the fight and believing with us that we can have a state free of commercial sexual exploitation.