Your support of SAFE is changing lives, and the stories are just getting better.

Your support of SAFE is changing lives, and the stories are just getting better.

Do you remember when you first heard about girls and women being exploited for sex – not in Thailand or Cambodia – but right here in Bellevue, Kirkland, Seattle?

…and then thinking:

  • Forced prostitution at age 13…what?!
  • Girls are being recruited at Bellevue Square…how could that be?
  • Is my daughter or granddaughter at risk?
  • Do the men exploiting them/buying their bodies think it’s OK to treat women like a commodity instead of a human?
  • How do we make it stop?

We too had those thoughts and that’s what prompted us to learn more, get involved, and start SAFE, and we’re glad you’ve been on this journey with us.

You are helping stop the horrors of forced prostitution and sexual exploitation by standing together, investing and saying “not in my town.”

We’re happy to report:

your investment is paying off.

SAFE has passed every one of your dollars through to give girls and women a chance to get out of the horrific life of prostitution and move on to a life of healing and hope.

But that’s not all.  SAFE has been working as a reconciler in the anti-human trafficking community over the past few years.  It’s amazing to see local service providers working together in ways we couldn’t have imagined four years ago.

We know we can’t take all of the credit for that, but YOU can feel great about how your resources are being invested – on the front lines – AND about helping solidify the larger anti-trafficking movement so no girl/woman will fall through the cracks if she wants help.

YOU are helping fight sexual exploitation in YOUR community. That matters.

Read on for some stories of the lives you’ve changed, and to find out how you can create more stories like this.

Valerie’s story:
Valerie has been out of “the life” for several years, but was recently re-exploited and experienced a life-threatening injury.  In the months that followed, she struggled to gain access to services and experienced ongoing homelessness. When she came to the Emergency Receiving Center (ERC), she expressed feeling hopeless and feared her situation would never change.  She shared about decades of trauma and trafficking.During her stay in the shelter, she accessed medical care, participated in REST’s survivor support group, and expressed being happy and hopeful for the first time. She described the ERC shelter as the first place she’s felt safe and the best shelter she’s ever stayed in.Valerie and the shelter Case Manager worked diligently on her goal of accessing long-term housing.  After two months of staying in the ERC shelter, she was approved to move into her own apartment in a supportive, low-income complex.  ERC staff helped Valerie settle into her new home and look forward to staying connected to her through REST’s drop-in services.Emily’s story:
Emily has lived on the streets since she was 14, with the main influencer being poverty in her family.  Sexual exploitation, addiction, and loss became the themes of her life for several years.  At the ERC shelter she has experienced being clean and sober for the first time in a very long time and is pursuing treatment, legal assistance, housing, education, and employment. She is excited about having a fresh start, feeling safe, and having the support to achieve her goals.

Trina’s story:
Trina’s trauma began at a young age with various forms of abuse in childhood, then later through the sex trade and in abusive relationships.  With ongoing addiction and mental health needs, Trina describes having felt stuck at many different points along the way.  She has stayed at the ERC shelter several times, but has been consistently lured back into “the life” by her abuser.  But this time Trina describes something different.  Feeling sober.  Eyes opened and learning new insights about herself, her past, her recovery.  She is working on her goals with fervor and is very close to achieving stable housing.  She is seeing her strengths in a new way and is feeling excited about her accomplishments.


YOU helped make these stories happen.

Together we can continue to make stories of escape, safety, and healing possible…for the next Valerie, Emily and Trina.

Here are some ways you can help.  An investment of:

$215 provides a night of safety, care, and services for a woman trying to escape her exploiters.

$600 provides a month of drop-in sessions where over 150 women can get medical care, housing assistance, support from other survivors, and hope for a different life.

$2,600 provides nutritious meals for a month for all of the women staying at the ERC.

$10,500 provides a week of EVERYTHING the women at the ERC need – a warm bed, the safety of their own room, nutritious food, staff assistance and care, medical services, connections to treatment and mental health services, and a glimmer of hope for what their future could entail.

Invest with SAFE now to make a difference in a woman’s life today and forever!