YOU can provide hope today!

YOU can provide hope today!

Happy Holidays!

What a wonderful time of year to be leaving the hard stuff
of 2020 behind and practicing thankfulness instead.

We are

See below for how you have helped heal broken lives!


Nine girls provided with hope.

We learned this week about nine young women
who got out of forced prostitution in the Tri-cities.

One of them had been MIA for awhile,
but our Tri-cities partner found her.
She was in rough shape because her mother had been
drugging her and selling her to local men

Yes, her mother.

Thankfully, they intervened and offered her hope and a way out.

Our partner offered that same hope to EIGHT more victims
of sex trafficking – in just one month!

Your investments made that happen!

But what about the the girls who are still out there?

What about Jill, Shawna, Izel, and Bryanna?
What are their lives worth?

We believe they are priceless and deserved to be loved.

for just $400
you can get the next girl away from her trafficker.

Would you generously give $400 this week
to provide hope to a lonely girl who wants to be loved?

Donate to SAFE today!


This holiday season, we have a great opportunity
for you to bless your clients and friends
AND help victims escape sexual exploitation and move on to new life.


is generously giving 15% of proceeds
from orders through this link to SAFE!

The Lynch Creek family are multi-generation Washington farmers
who are committed to giving back
and they have welcomed SAFE into their list of causes to support!

Their holiday wreaths, centerpieces, garlands, trees are beautiful
and make great client and friend gifts – or adornments for your home.

They have Fall & Thanksgiving products
and beautiful December holiday products.

So consider gifting someone you love/respect/honor

a beautiful wreath or gift this holiday season

(maybe that aunt or sibling who can’t come to Thanksgiving dinner because y’all are COVID distancing…),
and know that you are also supporting SAFE!

Order at Lynch Creek here!


We hope your holiday season is filled with peace, joy, family,
and thankfulness that you are being used as agents
of hope and generosity in the fight against sex trafficking.

Your gift today will help more victims
escape the life of sexual exploitation.

Donate to SAFE today!