You can get a victim of trafficking out of the cold

You can get a victim of trafficking out of the cold

Have you heard or seen
What is happening on our streets?
Did you know
Street prostitution
has increased ten-fold!


Imagine your daughter or granddaughter…

  …being exploited out in the cold…

…hoping her next “date” won’t be too violent…

…hoping her pimp won’t beat her when she gets back to his

cramped apartment in the wee hours of the morning.
Imagine a living hell…
That is what our sisters are experiencing
out on the streets right now.
But we can help.  
YOU can get her out of the cold
into a safe, warm place.
YOU can provide her with the necessities of life,
so she can process and move on from her trauma.
YOU can bring her freedom
from violent buyers and pimps.
Give to SAFE today
and we’ll pass through every dollar
to provide
more outreach,
more safety,
more warmth,
more love,
and more freedom to victims.
They’re worth it!
Your gift of $50 will fund the hotline call that is a victim’s first point of contact to escape her exploiter.
Your gift of $150 will fund an immediate rescue of a victim who wants out of violent prostitution.
Your gift of $500 will provide two nights of safety and warmth where no one can exploit her body.Your gift of $2,500 will fund the trauma counselingmedical servicessupport groups,
and job training a victim needs
to become a healthy SURVIVOR of trafficking!