Where will you stay tonight?

Where will you stay tonight?

I had the honor of going last week to see SAFE’s first supported project – the new Emergency Receiving Center in Seattle.  The ERC will provide a 24/7 place for women and girls trapped in the horrific life of sexual exploitation to get out, get safe, and get help as they transition to a better place in life.

REST has done an amazing job putting the ERC together, and I was inspired and hopeful as I stood in rooms that will soon be inhabited by women escaping the life of prostitution and sexual exploitation.

But the most striking thing I saw that night were two banners (see photo below).  The one on the left shares about many of the places women and girls are forced to stay because they don’t have a safe place to go…and the one on the right says it all with one word: Here.

FINALLY women who want out will have a safe place to stay.


At the ERC.

Where they won’t be sold again, won’t be beat-up again, won’t be exloited again, won’t be raped again.  What a huge contrast to where they’ve been forced to stay before.

I hope you’ll join us in providing the Here.  SAFE plans to send significant additional funds to support the ERC in it’s first year of operation, because we believe Here matters.  Here could save a life, and we’re in for that.

Let’s make HERE an option for our daughters, sisters, friends, and grandaughters.

Where will you stay tonight?

For more information or if you have questions,
please contact safeinwashington@gmail.com