SAFE’s work is moving the needle!

SAFE’s work is moving the needle!

Preventing the next victim

As we engage in more parts of the fight against sexual exploitation, we know going upstream will pay huge dividends in reducing the number of victims and perpetrators in the future.  We are grateful to be partnering with Seattle Against Slavery (SAS) to provide prevention education to our youth.

Last month, SAS ran 16 Trafficking Prevention for Schools programs in high schools in King County, reaching 220 students.  Additionally, SAS gave nine Human Trafficking 101 presentations in five different schools, reaching another 140 students.  These prevention efforts are essential if we want to END sexual exploitation.  Thank you SAS!

Using technology to deter buyers

At SAFE we know technology is being used to sell girls’ bodies on the internet.  But we can also use technology to our advantage, and have partnered with Seattle Against Slavery to do just that.

Last month, SAS used their search ad program to serve 29,948 ads in Washington to those searching to buy sex. There were 1,128 click-throughs to a deterrence website with options for counseling.

SAS is reaching buyers right at the point of purchase…and over 1,000 buyers opted not to purchase and potentially get help instead.  These efforts to deter buyers are another critical component in the fight against exploitation and your support is making that possible!

First annual
Do what you love
to fight what you hate

campaign a success!

Five committed SAFE supporters hiked mountains, did thousands of push-ups, ran hundreds of miles, and hit zillions of tennis balls to fight for girls/women who are being sexually exploited in our communities.

Together we raised over $21,000 and have committed those funds to finding jobs for survivors of sex trafficking.

Without a job, it is hard for women to leave the life of exploitation, and we’re delighted to be partnering with Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking (BEST) to provide employment options for survivors.

The Liberty Road Foundation has already agreed to partner with SAFE again next year for the 2nd annual DWYL campaign – so watch this newsletter in late 2018 for info. on how you can join the fight in 2019!

$499,000 raised
$1/2 million in sight
can you help us get there?

With your support, SAFE has raised $499,000 in three years to meet the most critical needs in the anti-trafficking movement.  Thank you!

We are just $1,000 shy of reaching the $500K milestone and would love to get over that hump so we can support more great work like the programs described above.  
Could you contribute $1,000 today (or $500, or $100) to get us there?

Click here to Invest with SAFE to fight for those who deserve a life free of sexual exploitation!

Every dollar brings freedom!

SAFE has a new logo and website!  

A huge thanks goes out to All Pro Webworks for donating their services to update SAFE’s logo and website.  We are grateful for their excellent work and hope you love the look and feel of the new site.  Check it out:

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