Phase Six Victories, DWYL off the charts, and Lunch in April!

Phase Six Victories, DWYL off the charts, and Lunch in April!

Happy Spring!
We are excited to share the IMPACT you had
on the anti-trafficking movement in the past year.
See below for the VICTORIES
that YOU made possible by linking arms with SAFE.

But there are still people being exploited
everyday in our communities
and we can’t stop until they are free.

We took time to listen to the experts around the state
and pull together the most critical needs
into SAFE’s Phase Seven Strategy.

Want to join us for lunch in April to learn about those needs
and how you can make a difference in YOUR community?

Watch this quick video from our good friend Roger Blier
about why you should come to lunch!

It will take ALL of us to fight for our daughters and sons
whose bodies are being sold daily.
Click the button to

Join us for Lunch!
Thank You For Supporting the
Sixth Annual DWYL Campaign!
The preliminary results are in and we raised over $73K through this campaign!

Thank you to the warriors who participated in this effort and to those who supported them!

Together we are changing people’s lives!

The bill we’ve been working on to provide more exit services for trafficking victims is making its way through the legislature.Make your voice heard by letting the Appropriations Committee know that you want them to pass and fund SSB5114.

If you want to make your voice heard on other bills this year, please sign up HERE to receive updates on current legislation, and suggestions on when and how to take action.