Phase Four Victories and a new DWYL campaign!

Phase Four Victories and a new DWYL campaign!

You made a difference
(during a pandemic)!  
We are so grateful for your continued belief
that helping victims and survivors of sexual exploitation matters,
regardless of what is happening in our world.
Thank you!
Last year your investments led to some amazing victories across the anti-trafficking movement.  Let’s celebrate!
Pandemic Response Victories

$25,740 covered basic needs of 160+ victims
and survivors
so they didn’t have to face the “choice”
of selling their bodies to feed themselves and their children. 

You provided SECURITY!


$29,580 was used to reach more victims
and offer them a way out of the sex trade.
You provided RESCUE!


$15,140 was invested to help survivors get jobs.
You brought a HOPEFUL FUTURE!


$35,000 was used to seed new fundraising efforts
for our nonprofit partners.  That investment has leveraged an
additional $904,282 to fight sex trafficking across the state.
You generated ABUNDANCE!


In addition, you supported moretraining for tribes
across the state to help them recognize and respond to sex trafficking.
Thanks to that awareness, a Nisqually tribe woman – who had
been missing since 2006 – was recovered safely

You brought FREEDOM!


Lastly, your support of this great model here in WA has led to
FIVE SAFE replications in other states!

Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!

These are great victories to celebrate,
but there are more victims and survivors who need our help, and together we can
help get them out of the horrific life of sexual exploitation.


We look forward to sharing our next strategy soon,
to bring more freedom and hope!
Did you know
January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month?
What will you do to make your friends, colleagues and family aware
that sex trafficking is happening right in your own backyard
and enslaves countless young women for the sexual pleasure of predators? 


Here are three great ideas:
1. Send them to the SAFE website for information.
2. Forward along this newsletter.
3. Join the fourth annual DWYL campaign and invite them to support you!
It’s time for the
FOURTH Annual DWYL campaign!
Would you like to challenge yourself
during the month of February
to bring freedom and hope to victims and survivors
of sexual exploitation?
We have the perfect opportunity for you!
Join Liberty Road Foundation and SAFE
for the fourth annual
Do What You Love
to Fight What You Hate Campaign!
For more information and to start your own campaign,
or support someone else, click here.
This is an easy way to make a difference!
Join us!Every dollar brings freedom!