Parking passes, 2nd week of classes, and buyers deterred – oh my!  Amazing things are happening through SAFE!

Parking passes, 2nd week of classes, and buyers deterred – oh my!  Amazing things are happening through SAFE!

As fall sets in and we all enjoy coming inside,
we hope you’ll keep the victims in mind
who are being sexually exploited every day.


They don’t have cozy blankets or warm fires to enjoy.


They have pimps and traffickers exploiting them,
and day after day are forced to have sex
with multiple men.


Rain or shine.

These victims deserve everything we can do
to help them out of the trap of sexual exploitation,
and SAFE is working with partners who are doing that daily.

But focusing only on INTERVENTION won’t solve this problem.

We must also support the critical elements of
if we want to end sexual exploitation in our state.

Read on for some encouraging news about how your support
of SAFE is helping prevent this problem from ever happening,
and helping restore survivors who want a better life.

Prevention is a critical key to stopping human trafficking.

Getting the message out to young people
so they are never exploited or become exploiters
is essential if we want to stop sex trafficking.

One of SAFE’s partners is doing just that, and already delivered their Trafficking Prevention for Schools program
during the second week of classes!

With SAFE’s help they will serve 38 additional classes (152 sessions)
through fall and winter quarters, and more in the spring,
so thousands of teens will be made aware of the traps of sex trafficking.

Thank you for supporting SAFE so we can fuel this important
prevention effort that is good for our youth and our community!

Did you know a small thing like a parking pass
can help a survivor continue her path to a better life?

This month, one of our partners used SAFE’s client assistance funds

to help a survivor on her restoration journey. Here is “Julia’s” story:

Julia suffers from chemical dependency issues and PTSD
from the trauma of being sexually exploited,
yet she has been working hard on herself and her future
for the entire time we have known her.

This month, Julia purchased her first vehicle in years

so she could get herself to community college as she pursues a better life.

Yet, with the car purchase consuming most of her funds,
Julia couldn’t afford to pay for parking at college.

With funds from SAFE we bought Julia a parking pass,
which enables her to attend class regularly and on time.
The parking pass has made it easier for Julia to focus
on classes and her future without worry.

Thank you for supporting survivors of trafficking
who sometimes need a little extra help on their path to a better life.

Stopping buyers can break the cycle of sexual exploitation.

One SAFE partner is using technology to reach buyers right at the point of purchase,

and help them make a better choice.

In September alone, Seattle Against Slavery ran
over 1/2 million ads that resulted in 13,723 people clicking through
to buyer deterrence sites instead of purchasing sex!

That means thousands of victims were spared from
one more sexual transaction,
one more opportunity for violence,
one more exploiter hurting them.

This kind of prevention makes a difference,
and SAFE is committed to supporting efforts
that are working to stop the demand for commercial sex.

Your support of SAFE enables us to
fight sexual exploitation from all of these angles.

for standing with those who need you.

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