Opportunity, Love, Freedom and Stability for Survivors

Opportunity, Love, Freedom and Stability for Survivors

are bringing




and stability

to victims and survivors
of trafficking!

SAFE used some of your generous donations to provide
“Direct Client Assistance” (DCA)
to our nonprofit partners.

Those funds allow our partners to say YES
to the needs of victims/survivors so they can
get out and stay out
of prostitution and exploitation.

In the tri-cities, our partner shared what happened when they provided DCA funds:


OPPORTUNITY – gas was provided for a survivor to get to a job interview (she got the job and now has stability for herself and her kids!).

LOVE – a survivor was ready to enter a long-term restoration home, but was nervous about going there by herself.  DCA funds were used to cover her transportation AND an advocate to go with her to get her settled in.

FREEDOM – six women were rescued from a massage parlor brothel after a law enforcement sting.  The women were provided food, clothes, care, and counseling to get them onto their next steps in life.

STABILITY – DCA funds paid a utility bill and a partial month’s rent to keep a survivor in safe shelter until she got her first paycheck at a new job!


THANK YOU for meeting these kinds of needs
all over the state through your support of SAFE!


Do you like leverage?

Do you want a great return on your investment?

I think we all do.

Your support of SAFE is helping someone
escape trafficking and exploitation
which is a wonderful return on investment.

But knowing your support is being multiplied
– to bring more freedom –
is even better!


How are we leveraging your investments?

This year we hired best-in-class fundraising consultants to help
ALL 15 of our nonprofit partners raise more money.

This is how the math works:

Fundraising expertise
A LOT more money raised
for the anti-trafficking movement in WA state!

One of our nonprofit partners who went through the training said:
“Thank you so much for this fundraising training.
My team and I are learning a lot, and we are shifting our donor messaging because of it.  It’s incredibly helpful to us!”

We have also subscribed to two grant databases
to benefit of ALL 15 of our nonprofit partners.

Now they have access to comprehensive lists of
foundation, corporate, and government grants
to fund their essential work on the front lines of this movement!

Now that’s leverage!

We can’t wait to tell you stories in the coming year
about all the funds that came to Washington
to help victims and survivors
because of these strategic investments.


for investing in SAFE
so we can make good investments
in the anti-trafficking movement in WA state.

We know these investments will
reap HUGE dividends for:

…victims who want out of prostitution…

…survivors who need a bit of help to get on their feet…

…young people to get prevention education
so they never get lured in by exploiters…

…all of us to know
we made a difference in someone’s life…


All of us at SAFE hope you have a
wonderful Thanksgiving celebration with family and friends.