One MILLION Dollars to fight human trafficking!

One MILLION Dollars to fight human trafficking!


YOU have invested


through SAFE in the past five years
to free victims of sexual exploitation
and help survivors move on to healthy lives.


Your investments have moved the needle
in the overall fight against human trafficking
and in numerous victims’ lives
as you’ll read in Juliette’s story below.

Thank you!

Juliette’s story
(shared from REST)

Juliette* met our team on street outreach. We offered her pepper spray and she ran over in her heels and thanked us for the offering. We also offered her some other items we had in the van: a Lyft card, kubotan, and hand warmers (all of which were funded by SAFE!). She was happy to take it all. She had been assaulted a couple hours before and had used a safety tool to protect herself but left it behind. She was grateful and said, “Thanks for being out here. It’s been BAD.”

As we talked with Juliette about other safety options, she broke down crying, said she wanted to get out of the life, and wished there was a way for her to find safety/shelter.

REST was able to provide a hotel voucher for her, and start the process of finding her a place in the Emergency Receiving Center or another location.

Thanks to you, and your investments in SAFE,
Juliette was able to get items to keep her protected and warm,
and a pathway out of prostitution.

Other victims said they were especially grateful to receive the pepper spray and commented repeatedly on how ideal the item was given its small and discrete size.  They now have REST’s phone number with them at all times for when they need help and are ready to get out of the horrific life of prostitution.

*Not her real name.

What can we accomplish together
with the next million?

  1. More avenues to freedom for victims.

  2. Robust restoration opportunities for survivors.

  3. Expanding prevention curriculums to keep this travesty from ever taking hold in young people’s lives.

  4. Continuing to strategically meet the most critical needs of the anti-trafficking movement in WA state.

Along the way, we will consistently share impact reports and gratitude
with our investors (You!) who make all of this possible.
Let’s invest together, to care for women like Juliette and others
who society is throwing away.

They deserve a better life

and we can help make that possible!

You can bring freedom, restoration, hope and prevention!

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  • The Fourth Annual Do What You Love to Fight What You Hate campaign raised over $40,000!  Thank you to those who did campaigns this year (it was so fun to participate with you!), and to all of you who contributed to raise essential funds for SAFE!
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