Innovation: My Friends are Not for Sale; and New Housing options

Innovation: My Friends are Not for Sale; and New Housing options

Innovation is changing the anti-trafficking landscape!

SAFE’s partners are doing some amazing things
to PREVENT trafficking and HELP victims and survivors in WA that could have ripple effects around the country!

Read on to learn about how you can get behind these innovations!

 An innovative project is preventing high school students from being trafficked!

The average age of entry into forced prostitution is
13-15 years old

High school students are a prime target.

Some students at a high school in Vancouver, WA were horrified by that statistic, and decided they wanted their peers to know they are at risk for trafficking and how to keep each other from being sold into modern day slavery.

So they launched their own:
My Friends Are Not For SALE

It was successful at their high-school, they won a statewide competition with the idea, and now SAFE is helping spread this campaign to eight more high schools around WA (through one of our great SAFE partners)!

Will you support this great PREVENTION effort
to keep young people from getting trafficked?
(see #3 on the strategy below)

 An innovative partnership is providing
more HOUSING for victims!

Victims who want out of the life of exploitation
need safe, readily-available housing.
If there are no beds available, a victim is forced
to stay in prostitution and be repeatedly sold for sex.

Housing for victims of trafficking is scarce.

One of SAFE’s front-line partners has built a partnership with the Salvation Army to help solve this housing scarcity.

Salvation Army has a few extra beds in their Olympia facility
that are separate from the rest of their recovery facility beds.  They offered those beds to our partner to help get victims out of the life.

This allows our partner to provide the wrap-around services victims need (the part they’re good at), while Salvation Army provides the housing (the part they’re good at).

This partnership model is working great
and is far less expensive than creating
stand-alone housing for trafficking victims!  

This innovative idea is already helping victims get freedom in Olympia, and could be replicated with other Salvation Army programs across the state and the nation.

Will you support this innovative housing partnership
to help more victims find freedom?
(see #2 on the strategy below)

 An innovative program is helping women released from prison to escape pimps and find healthy lives.

Did you know traffickers and pimps are
recruiting female inmates to sell them for sex
after they are released from prison?

These women are vulnerable
and sometimes don’t have a place to stay,
definitely don’t have a job,
and often don’t have family or friends to care for them.

Traffickers prey on that vulnerability.

Our partner on the peninsula has been asked by the two women’s prisons and the county jail to work with inmates who are about to be released, so they don’t fall into the traps of the traffickers.

It is prevention and restoration wrapped into one,
and this innovation is already helping dozens of women
stay out of the commercial sex trade
and is poised to help hundreds more.

Will you support women who just got their freedom
to be able to KEEP their FREEDOM?
(see #4 on the strategy below)

Support these INNOVATIONS through SAFE today!
Below is SAFE’s 2023 Strategy for Phase Seven.

The innovative programs listed above are part of this strategy as well as other critical needs in the anti-trafficking movement.

Join us in bringing innovation to the anti-trafficking space.

It will change countless lives now and in the future!

Support SAFE today!