Direct Client Assistance and Jobs change lives + Phase Six strategy

Direct Client Assistance and Jobs change lives + Phase Six strategy

You are making a difference
in the lives of those
who are being sexually exploited!

When you support SAFE,
you are an important part of the fight against sexual exploitation.
See below for the impact you’re making for victims and survivors!

We need your help to continue this important fight.
Read on for some exciting ways you can help today!

Your Donations Change Lives through Direct Client Assistance

REST (one of SAFE’s front-line partners) shared the following story regarding the impact Direct Client Assistance (DCA) funding made.

A client recently came to REST who had fled from her trafficker in another state and relocated in Washington.

Because she had to leave most of her things behind, the client was provided with SAFE funded DCA to purchase personal items, and a REST Advocate went with her to Olympia to obtain an ID.

Currently, the DCA funds are supporting the client as she works towards her self-identified goals of gaining permanent, safe, and stable housing, getting mental health assistance, attaining physical health, and attaining employment and health insurance.

Stories like this one illustrate why Direct Client Assistance is part of our Phase Six Strategy. Thank you for funding DCA through SAFE!

Your Support is Helping Survivors Gain Employment

As one of SAFE’s front-line partners, BEST (Businesses Ending Slavery & Trafficking) shared some of the great work they are doing with the help of a grant from SAFE.

In the past year, BEST accomplished the following:

  • Consulted with 89 employers to help them implement best practices for prevention. These employers are creating social change within their organizations and influencing other business leaders to do the same.
  • Trained 50,320 employees to identify and prevent human trafficking in their workplace and communities. That is real impact!
  • Helped 123 survivors of human trafficking and people at-risk to gain safe, stable employment.
  • Provided 238 people with employment coaching and job readiness training through the Safe Jobs Program.  Without this essential program, many of these survivors would be unable to financially break free of their exploiters.

Thank you for supporting SAFE, so we can continue supporting survivors who deserve an opportunity for a better life!

Immediate Needs!
Meet Critical Needs
The experts have told us what the most critical needs are
in the anti-trafficking movement this year.Those needs comprise SAFE’s Phase Six Strategy which you can find here.
Help with Housing

There are many victims who want to get out of the life of sexual exploitation TODAY, but there aren’t enough short-term beds available because the current Emergency Receiving Center (ERC) is always full.

An ERC is the first stop for a victim to get safe, get healthy, and get out of the life of forced prostitution for good.  We need another ERC as soon as possible so victims who want out, can get out.

Do you have any real-estate in the north Seattle area (or anywhere near there) that could be used for an ERC? 

Could you put this need out to your network to see if someone has a space/facility/building/house available to meet this need?

Here are the ideal ERC specifics – enough space for:

  • 7+ separate sleeping rooms – so victims can feel safe and have their own space
  • Common kitchen – for joint meals to be prepared and groups to cook for the people at the ERC
  • Front desk/check-in area by front door – to check in victims and monitor visitors to keep the victims safe
  • Two offices for advocates/case managers to meet with victims – private office/meeting space is essential to help victims process their trauma and make plans/goals for their next steps
  • Clothing closet for victims to get additional clothing – so many victims arrive with only what they’re wearing because they had to escape quickly

If you have space or know someone who might, please contact Heather and she can connect you with the SAFE partners who would build out the ERC.

“If a movement is to have an impact,
it must belong to those who join it, not those who lead it.”
– Simon Sinek