Christmas Greeting and 2020 Sneak Peek

Christmas Greeting and 2020 Sneak Peek

Although the headlines keep us present to the
pain and exploitation continually happening in our world,
we hope you’ll take some time to celebrate during the holiday season
how far we’ve come in this fight for freedom and hope
for victims and survivors of sexual exploitation.


Sneak peek to 2020!!

Thanks to your support we’ve finished funding SAFE’s Phase Three strategy and we’re gearing up for Phase Four!

In early 2020, we’ll fill you in on:

  • how many survivors you helped employ in healthy jobs;
  • how many victims got services, love and care as they stepped out of the life;
  • how many people got trained about sexual exploitation so they can fight it in their spheres of influence!
  • and many more important things our partners accomplished in Phase three1

AND, we’ll share what our experts are telling us we need to focus on in Phase four. SAFE wants to always be getting after the most critical needs in the anti-trafficking movement, so we’ll discern those with our partners and get the Phase Four strategy out to you as soon as it’s ready!


Invest in SAFE in 2020!

Instead of asking you to make a year-end gift to SAFE
(like every other great cause on the planet is asking for right now)
we’d instead ask you to make your FIRST gift in 2020 to SAFE.

We will have a Phase Four strategy ready to go,
and would love your investment in the next phase
of ending sexual exploitation across Washington state.

Will you stand with us in 2020?

Thank you!

Thank you again for all you’ve helped accomplish through SAFE
in 2019. It has been an incredible year of
loosening the chains of injustice
and setting the oppressed free.

We’re so grateful to be partnering with you in this fight,
and we’re not letting up!

Join us in 2020 as we aim to bring more healing, hope, and freedom
to our sisters, daughters, sons, and brothers who are being exploited.
They’re worth it!

Merry Christmas!