Can you smell victory? We can!

Can you smell victory? We can!

Can you smell victory?
We can!

We’re excited to report that your contributions to SAFE helped us complete our Phase One strategy!

Phase One was all about providing a safe place for girls and women to escape sexual exploitation.  REST did that through their Emergency Receiving Center (ERC) and because of you, SAFE helped get the ERC open and funded through their first year.

In that first year, REST sheltered 62 women, for a total of 2,260 nights, while they were getting out of dangerous situations.  At the ERC, these women had time to think about and take steps toward a different future for themselves.  They got safety, hope, separation from their abusers and traffickers, and opportunity for a better life.
That feels like victory to us,
and you made it happen!

So what is SAFE up to next?  We’re glad you asked!

We will continue helping girls and women get out of the life of sexual exploitation, AND focus resources on upstream prevention so young people never get involved, potential perpetrators get diverted, and buyers are held accountable.

If you’d like to learn more about SAFE’s Phase Two strategy, send us an email at:, and then join us as we continue the fight for hope, safety and new life for our sisters and daughters.

We also hope you’ll join the other 45+ families, businesses and partners who are standing with SAFE by making a year-end contribution.  100% of your donation goes straight to the fight!

Invest with SAFE now to make a difference in a woman’s life today and forever!

Thank you for your support of SAFE this year
and those we’re trying to help.It matters!

From the SAFE team to you and yours,

Merry Christmas!

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