Bringing FREEDOM to local victims on World Day Against Trafficking

Bringing FREEDOM to local victims on World Day Against Trafficking

  Tomorrow is
World Day Against Trafficking
and victims in our community need

You can help bring that freedom 

by giving a gift today!


Your gift of $50 will fund the hotline call that is a victim’s first point of contact to escape her exploiter.

Your gift of $150 will fund an immediate rescue of a victim who wants out of “the life.”

Your gift of $500 will provide two nights of safety and peace where buyers can no longer “rent” her body.

Your gift of $2,500 will fund the trauma counseling, medical servicessupport groups, and job training a victim needs to become a healthy SURVIVOR of trafficking!
You can bring these freedoms to victims
like you did with Janeesha last year!
(read her story below)


Janeesha’s Story


Janeesha* had an abusive partner who forced her to trade sex with other men to pay the bills and take care of her abuser.

But she wanted freedom.  Freedom from her abuser and freedom from being forced to “rent” her body, day after day, to make ends meet.

Janeesha called the hotline, was able to get away from her abuser, and move into the local shelter.

She set goals for herself and worked with the shelter team to heal her trauma and meet her medical needs.  One of her first goals was to get a new driver’s license (her abuser took hers) so she could have the required identification to get into permanent housing and gain employment.

Janeesha got her driver’s license, moved into longer-term housing, and is working with the team to prepare for employment!
Janeesha has become a SURVIVOR!


Thanks to you, and your investments in SAFE,
Janeesha went from exploited to free, from victim to survivor!

*Not her real name.


The problem is:
there are thousands more victims in WA who also want freedom, but have no way out.

While you have this newsletter open,
please make the choice to help the next Janeesha get freedom by giving to SAFE.

You can change another life today!