Because YOU support SAFE, new stories of hope and life are happening every day!

Because YOU support SAFE, new stories of hope and life are happening every day!

Wow – what an incredible couple of months it has been at the Emergency Receiving Center (ERC)!

Girls and women are getting out of the life of prostitution and sexual exploitation into lives of safety, hope, healing, self-sufficiency, and new dreams EVERY DAY because you support them through SAFE.

Thank you!

Read on for some stories of the lives you’ve changed, and to find out how you can create more stories like this.

Maria’s story:
Maria was active in ‘the life’ for the past 15 years where she struggled with an addiction to Methamphetamines. Over the past year, Maria has put a lot of effort towards her sobriety. Since coming to the ERC shelter, she proudly celebrates each day in her recovery…daily announcing to staff and fellow guests, “I have 63 days clean!” Maria shares that she feels “safe” at REST and that she “belongs.” Maria reflected that being clean has opened her eyes to many new possibilities for her life.

Rose’s story:
Rose has been connected to REST since last spring, after another survivor brought her to the ERC Drop-In Center. Rose has a long history of homelessness, exploitation, and mental health and chemical dependency needs. Rose began working with a Community Advocate and has been a guest in the ERC shelter for about two months. Rose recently received word that she had been approved for a housing voucher. Now, after years of homelessness and exploitation, Rose has an upcoming appointment to view an apartment that her voucher can pay for and said she, “can’t believe this is real.” Soon, Rose will have her own home where she and her son can live together.


YOU helped make these stories happen.

Together we can continue to make stories of healing and bright futures possible
for women like Maria and Rose.

SAFE needs $10,000 before October 31st to help REST keep these stories of hope and healing happening at the ERC.

Please click the link below to help us meet that need. 100% of your donation will go straight to creating more stories of hope and new life!

After SAFE finishes that commitment, we will launch into some exciting new initiatives that will continue to support victims as well as tackle the demand for prostitution as part of our Phase Two strategy. More about that in the months to come!

p.s. We’re going to have a fantastic opportunity for SAFE donors on November 9th – to celebrate completing our phase one strategy and unveil the exciting elements of our phase two strategy that will continue moving the needle in the fight against exploitation in Washington. If you’re a donor, watch your email and snail mail for that invite, and if you’re not a donor – jump in today, so you can be part of that fun celebration!

Invest with SAFE now to make a difference in a woman’s life today and forever!